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Acacia Flower Cordial

May is the month when acacia trees are in full bloom. Recently I have been in the mountains just north of Barcelona where nature is generous and plentiful. Many wondered why do I pick-up acacia flowers. The gentle perfume of these flowers make it a delicacy: you can eat it raw in salads, include them in omelettes, tempura-fry them in pancake batter or simply eat them directly from the tree to enjoy their sweetness!

Fermented drinks are back in full swing these days. I am following on social media a Romanian plant and tradition lover who often inspires me testing all those “forgotten herbs & flowers” our grandparents loved and used. This is my second year making the acacia cordial. It is easy, great fun, tastes like a sparkling wine (no alcohol though) and I love making it from scratch, knowing that it has not seen any site of a shop!

Making Acaccia Flower Cordial in a 5 liter jar by letsforkandspoon
Acaccia flower cordial view from upon with blue table background by letsforkandspoon
Bottled Acaccia Flower Cordial by letsforkandspoon

Acacia Flower Cordial

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Serves: 4.5 liters Cooking Time: 10 mins


  • 30 acacia flowers
  • 4 liters of water
  • the juice of 1 lime
  • 1 lemon
  • 400 gr of honey/raw sugar
  • a large 5 liter glass jar



Take a large 5 liter glass jar


Add the honey/sugar and mix it with the water


Add the lime juice and the lemon cut in slices


Put in the acacia flowers and stir well


Cover with a piece of cloth so the composition can breath and the fermentation can work


Leave it for 4-5 days, mixing with a wooden spoon in the mornings and evenings


Talk & show your love to the acacia flowers (the cordial will taste even better!)


On the last day filter the flowers and lemon slices and pour the drink into bottles and store in the fridge


Watch out, the fermentation will continue even in the fridge. That's why you can open the bottle taps every second day to avoid little explosions

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