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Superfood Mix

This magic dust is going to be your best instant breakfast solution for those mornings when you do not have time or when you are traveling. It is rich in potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, protein and calcium, omega 3 fatty acids, in few words a superfood breakfast mix.

Four tablespoons of this magic dust are enough for an instant porridge if you add a cup of your favourite vegetal milk. One or two tablespoons are just fine to mix in your yogurt too.

Superfood Morning Mix

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Serves: 10 Cooking Time: 5 min


  • 72g ground buckwheat (20% of total weight)
  • 63g ground flaxseed (17.5%)
  • 63g ground chia seeds (17.5%)
  • 54g ground almond (15%)
  • 36g buckwheat seeds (10%)
  • 29g banana powder (8%). It can be substituted by any other superfood, such as carob powder
  • 22g coconut sugar (6%)
  • 14g lyophilized acai powder (4%). It can be substituted by any other superfood, such as reishi mushroom powder
  • 7g lyophilized strawberry powder (2%). I used shredded coconut



For a better absorption of the nutrients I recommend first too activate the buckwheat and the almonds.


What do I mean by activation? Seeds and nuts are naturally coming with a series of antinutrients called enzymatic inhibitors. Their role is to protect the seed/nut to start germinating when for example they are stored in warehouses or simply if they are not in an environment that guarantees the propagation of the specie. To break this barrier, we "activate" the seeds or nuts by letting them soaking overnight in a bowl with water. Next morning give them a good rinse, and let them dry in the sun, over a source of heat or at low temperature in the oven. When we ingest a seed/nut that is not activated, we are using higher amount of energy to break these enzymatic inhibitors.


Mix all ingredients and store in a glass jar


Total weight of the mix is 360g.

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